Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cookie # 6 German Chocolate Cookies

I am not a fan of German Chocolate cake but it is my brother's favorite cake so I thought I would try it in a cookie and see if I could get good results. Wow! these turned out really great.

The cookie: Preheat oven to 350〬
1 box Duncan Hines® Moist Deluxe® Swiss Chocolate Mix
1/3 cup milk
1 egg
1/4 cup butter, softened
8 oz semisweet chocolate chips
1 cup chopped pecans (walnuts are another option)

Mix the first 4 ingredients together in a mixer. Stir in chocolate chips and pecans. Drop by tsp onto a greased cookie sheet. Bake for 8-10 minutes. Cool completely on wire rack.

The Frosting:
2/3 cup granulated sugar
2/3 cup evaporated milk (smallest can they make)
2 egg yokes
1/3 cup butter
1 1/2 cup flaked coconut
1 cup chopped pecans
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Combine sugar, evaporated milk, egg yokes and butter in a medium sauce pan. Cook and stir on medium heat until it comes to a boil. Remove from heat and immediately add coconut, pecans and vanilla. Continuing to stir until thick, once cool spread on cooled cookies.
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marvin said...

did you use young coconut?

KimberlyQ said...

Hi Marvin, I used bagged flaked coconut.


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