Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brownie Toffee Trifle

I feel like I haven't posted anything in forever. Well now that I'm starting to make my way out of the black hole of my Christmas mess....I can share another recipe! Every year for Christmas Eve we get together with my husband's side of the family. This year we decided to do just desserts. One of my favorite desserts to make is a trifle. They are so easy and you don't have to worry about some of the common problems that can occur when baking. I love to bake, but when you're going to make something a few hours before the party, it's nice to have a recipe that you know won't fail. Even if the trifle recipe calls for a baked ingredient, like cake, you can still use it even if it falls apart. Just layer and your done! For this recipe I searched multiple trifle recipes and came up with some layers that I thought would work best. It was soooo good!

Brownie mix( I used brownies with the cream cheese swirl, 9X13 pan)
Whipped topping
Caramel topping(the kind you put on sundaes)
Chocolate fudge pudding, large box, instant
Toffee candy bits(I used the Heath brand, covered in chocolate, in baking section)

Bake brownies as directed,cool. Make pudding as directed, chill. Now in a trifle dish, layer brownies, pudding, caramel sauce, heath candy, whipped topping. Layer one more time and finish with some candy sprinkled on top of last whipped topping layer. Refrigerate before serving. Enjoy!

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KimberlyQ said...

yum! I want to make this tonight! Thanks for the recipe


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