Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ROTW- Carmel Pecan Tart

This might be my favorite thing to do all week. It is exciting to know there is a new recipe that I just have to try and when the recipe changes on Friday morning it is like opening a present. This weeks ROTW (Recipe of the Week) was so great, it took one of my favorite pies and made it even better. It is like a yummy warm piece of pecan pie without that super sweet gooey part and it was so easy to make. The only changes I would make are to cut the amount of pecans by 1 cup and make the crust thinner. The thicker crust takes away from the pecans and the sauce and those two elements (pecans and sauce) should not have to compete for your love. This recipe has found a permanent place in the dessert section of my family recipe book.

Side note: I decided to have a piece cold, straight from the fridge and I have to say it is even better cold. It would be perfect to make the day before, refrigerate and then cut up for a tea party, birthday party or shower of any kind. You will get rave reviews with this recipe.

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