Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekly Recipe Challenge

"Let's Eat!" wants to come up with a weekly recipe for everyone to try. Then we want your feedback. Love it or hate it, tell everyone! Tell us what changes, if any, you made also. The recipes will be themed around a holiday or the season.

This week's recipe is BHG's Praline Apple Bread....enjoy!

BHG's Praline Apple Bread

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KimberlyQ said...

This picture is so clear and it looks yummy. This was a great first challenge. The bread was easy to make and it allowed my 4 year old to do (almost) all the work. He was so proud of himself that he had to have the first piece.

Amber said...

I loved this bread too. I used half whole wheat flour, a little less sugar and added a teas. of cinnamon. Very good fall bread!

Charise McNutt said...

Sounds Yummy! Haven't tried it yet but so glad to see you are up and running Amber!

Amber said...

Charise I'm glad you found our blog! I kind of let the other one go.


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