Monday, October 26, 2009

Kid's Puppy Cake

From Let's Eat!

This year for my daughter's 9th birthday party, we did a puppy theme. Instead of going out and spending a lot of money on a cake, I decided to search the web for a puppy cake recipe. I found my inspiration online. We made a few changes and I was very happy with how it turned out. My daughter was able  to help decorate it also. She loved her cake!

You will need:

2 cake mixes
2 tubs of frosting
1 tube of black or brown gel
candy for eyes, nose and tongue (we used reese's cups for nose and eyes, sour
licorice for the tongue)


Bake one of the cake mixes in 2 round cake pans.
Bake the other cake in a 9X13 or 10X14 pan.
Bake 1 cupcake using batter from either mix.
After the round cakes cool, remove them from pan. Stack them on tray with frosting in the middle.
Cut ear shapes out of the 9X13 pan. Place in their proper  place on the dogs head.
Cut cupcake in half and put on the top of the round cakes for the snout(attach with frosting)
Put in the fridge so that it the cake can get cold.Once the cake is cold, take it out and frost it completely. This is the most complicated part. Just take your time.
Decorate face as desired.

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Nan said...

This is perfect for my baby's first birthday party, thanks!

Amber said...

Thank you Nan!


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