Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pot roast recipe of the week try out

I was able to make the recipe of the week on Sunday. I thought about the posts from others stating that it might be too expensive and I was a little bummed because I know how hard times are right now (and I picked the recipe this week). So I thought I would make it with things I had around the house and try to keep costs down.

My son and I got everything ready cutting up the meat, onions, apples, and 2 lbs of sweet potatoes (because I always have those in the house and I am not fond of butternut squash). I know the recipe called out for 3 lbs of sweet potatoes but I couldnt fit them all in the crockpot and have room for the apples. I think the recipe called out for 3 cinnamon sticks so I used 1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon because I already had that in the house. I left out the rosemary, for me it is a pungent flavor best suited for chicken.

The prep time was about 15 minutes, my son piled it into the crock pot and then we left for breakfast. When we came back the kitchen smelled like a warm mix of fall spices. It look wonderful, we added the sweet potatoes and cooked a little longer, then the apples and cooked 30 more minutes.

My son and husband loved it. I thought I would have enough for two dinners and a lunch. But my husband loved it so much he ate two huge plates (that is always a good sign and his way of saying good job Kim). This left me with enough for lunch. I did not serve it with any starch (ie couscous) because I didn't think it needed it with the addition of sweet potatoes. Plus, as a dieter I try not to add to many carbs to anything.
So this was a winner in our family. When it was all done it would serve a family of 4 at least twice and I made the whole thing for about 12$ (9.24$ meat at Costco but you may be able to find it on special somewhere, 1.00$ for two granny smiths, 1.98$ for sweet potatoes on sale, onion 0$, cinnamon 0$, allspice 0$ and beef broth 0$ all on hand) so that would be about 5$ per meal for the family.
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Amber said...

Thanks Kim.
Sounds yummy! I'm going to copy your recipe. Did you use the red pepper? The way you made it costs no more than regular stew. I'll probably cut the recipe down which will also save on cost.

KimberlyQ said...

Yes, I also have that in the bulk form since we are a spicy loving family but you might have that laying around in a drawer from the last time you had pizza, they send those little packets.

Amber said...

Yes we always have red pepper flakes here too!


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